What Makes A Wire Tie “UV Protected”?

Protection From Damage From Sunlight Is An Important Feature Of Wire Ties Intended For Outdoor Use

During the manufacturing process of a wire tie, the Nylon 6/6 or other raw material is mixed with carbon black to stabilize the material. Carbon black is a very effective stabilizer and when it is dispersed throughout the material, the wire tie is able to resist being broken down by sunlight or other forms of ultraviolet radiation. 

The addition of this UV stabilizer prolongs the life of nylon and other plastic materials used outdoors, but does not completely eliminate the destructive effects of this light.

Carbon black can be made from coal or coal tar, but there are also vegetable products that can be used to make carbon black.  The raw material that is mixed with the 6/6 nylone (or other wire tie raw material) is a black, fluffy product that changes the color and the UV properties of the wire tie material as it is molded.

 While UV stabilization helps a wire tie resist destruction by sunlight, it does not inhibit its ability to absorb and release moisture. Thus constant exposure to moisture, as well as freezing and thawing, will accelerate break down of the wire tie. 

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